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About the blog...

Love, Bianca is a psycho-educational blog aimed at providing resources and information about mental health and holistic approaches for health and wellness, in general.  

If you're here, you probably are invested in your personal growth and development and all the factors that contribute to being a whole, happy, healthy YOU! And that's why I'm here too! It is my personal and professional life's work to share information that will help you on your journey to continued health and wellness.

When it comes to being healthy and happy, there are no "just's".

It's not just:

  • eating healthy
  • exercising
  • getting adequate sleep
  • reducing stress
  • having fulfilling relationships
  • being in a job or career that you love
  • keeping up with your routine medical care
  • maintaining your mental health
  • regular spiritual practice

It's not JUST these things individually. It's ALL of these things, collectively.

Happy is Healthy...and Healthy is Happy. I wish you continued wellness!

The formal "stuff" about Bianca...

Bianca Walker is a licensed Associate Professional Counselor (APC) in the state of Georgia.  She holds a bachelors degree in Psychology, a masters degree in School Counseling, and an education specialist degree in Professional Counseling and Supervision.

Bianca resides just outside of Atlanta, Georgia with her husband, three children, and wayward dog. When she's not providing therapeutic services or typing blog posts, she is likely binge-watching the latest Netflix series. Bianca is also a paper/stationary/journal hoarder who has a tendency to collect writing utensils that she frequently purchases on Amazon--God, help her. 

Disclaimer: This blog is not intended to provide medical advice and is in no way a substitute for therapy or counseling services.  Please consult with your medical doctor and/or therapist before trying any vitamins/supplements or if you have questions about therapeutic practices or techniques.